Toll Roasting and Private Label Services

Why serve other people's brand when instead you could offer your own coffees? A good toll and private label roaster needs to be experienced, have the ability to match coffee profiles to their customers needs, and provide a better quality end product than what the person is getting now. The CRC has that ability. In fact we currently roast for a few of the top coffee shops you might frequent.

Who are these services for:

  • Those desiring to reach new corners of the market without the knowledge, resources or time to roast coffee themselves.
  • Those wanting to gain better margins over wholesale cost.
  • Those that want to reap the rewards and increased sales from selling your own branded coffee.
  • Those that don’t want the hassle of managing their own coffee roasting.
  • Those that do not want to learn to roast their own coffee or deal with the trouble of finding/hiring a coffee roaster.
  • Those that wish to improve the quality of their coffee products.
  • Those that simply wish to start a new coffee company.
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Toll Roasting

Toll roasting has become popular among coffee shop and cafe owners that wish to sell their own branded coffee but lack the means roast it. However, as an owner, you still have a strong desire to be heavily involved in the process. Our typical toll roasting relationship is one where the CRC receives the green coffee you sourced (or we can source for you), we masterfully roast it, we finish by releasing it back to you in food-safe bulk containers. The customer then preps and packages their roasted coffee according to their needs. CRC toll roasting accounts start at $2.50/pound and go down from there.

Private Label

Private label is similar to toll roasting, the difference being, we manage the entire process for you. From sourcing green coffee, to storing, to roasting, to bagging, labeling, and even shipping, the CRC will handle all your coffee requirements. Reach out to us so we can explain how easy it can be to build your own coffee program. You don't have to be local. The CRC currently private labels for customers around the US and even worldwide.

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