The Roastery

Coffee Roasters

The CRC’s production facility is a co-roastery that can be booked by members as either a ‘pay-as-need’ option or through discounted, guaranteed time slots for regulars. We built the production facility with everyone in mind. We love supporting larger coffee shops, but we won’t give up on our commitment to help the home roaster, small-requirement user or new roaster either. Our equipment choices reflect this.

The Roasters

We offer a lot at the California Roasting Collective. From toll roasting and white label, to consulting, education, cold brew canning and even green coffee sales. However, at the heart of everything we do is the equipment. We didn’t make any decisions on our purchases haphazardly. Countless hours of research went into each choice we made. The end result is that we personally believe the CRC has the most well though out co-roastery around and one with the highest quality of brands in the business.

  • IMG_1817

    Roest L100 Plus Sample/Lab Roaster

    ROEST reduces the workload from sample roasting. Save time and money while achieving the highest quality results and consistency, batch after batch.

    ROEST is equipped with up to four temperature sensors and a range of adjustable parameters to fit your roasting style. Adjust the airflow, drum speed, power, development settings and more. Switch to manual mode at any point during roasting simply by turning the knob.

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    Mill City Sample Roaster/Trainer (.25 kg/.5 lb roast capacity)

    While acting as the CRC’s primary sample roaster, it also moonlights as our primary trainer that welcomes new customers into the world of coffee roasting. Like all our machines, we have customized it with smaller probes and it includes free Cropster use. With Mill City’s vast online video library, help is always available from home as you train on our machine. Even though it is rated for .5 kg/1 lb roast, the CRC limits maximum batch sizes to 250 grams. 

  • ikawa

    IKAWA Pro 50 V3 Sample Roaster

    Do you want to roast samples from the comfort of your home or cafe? Call us crazy, but we have you covered by daily rental options with our take-home sample roaster. Achieve quality 50 gram sample roast at the touch of a button with true hands-free automated roasting - from home! Hourly rentals available as well for in-warehouse use. Rental of the Ikawa is limited to regular users of facility only. 

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    San Franciscan SF1 (.5 kg/1 lb roast capacity)

    The smallest of our “production” roasters, the SF1 is perfectly suited for profiling and roasting high-end micro-lot boutique coffees. Believed by many to be one of the best-made sample/profile roaster on the market, it has also become the go-to machine for our home roasters. With the ability to roast up to 4 pounds of green coffee an hour, it is an economical choice for those connoisseur’s that like to roast their own coffee to serve at home. Full Cropster integration ensures consistent roast.

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    San Franciscan SF6 (3 kg/6 lb roast capacity)

    Our SF6 is the most booked roaster at the CRC. With roasts from 2.2 pounds to 6 pounds of green coffee per batch, it serves as the important midway point between the SF1 and the SF25. The SF6 is the perfect machine for smaller cafes, new roasting companies selling their product at places like farmers markets, and for the home roaster with a growing list of friends and family that demand their coffee. 

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    San Franciscan SF25 “Black” (12 kg/25 lb roast capacity)

    The first roaster we ever bought at the CRC. What can we say about the SF25 that seasoned roasters don’t already know? It truly is a legendary roaster and a real work horse. With roasts between 6 pounds and 25 pounds of green coffee per batch, and a maximum roast capacity of 100 pounds per hour, this is the perfect machine for any larger coffee program. Bonus - the SF25 is outfitted with an afterburner that burns up any smoke and odor created from the roasting process to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

  • IMG_0211

    San Franciscan SF25 “Red” (12 kg/25 lb roast capacity)

    Our newest roaster. Taking everything we love about “Black”, but adding the new Cropster Gas control and Replay assist gives “Red” the edge for making production roast easier. Recording and replaying your roasts is now a breeze as you can let Cropster and San Franciscan make your gas adjustments using an advanced algorithm. While Cropster Replay is a great new feature, “Red” can still roast old school too. 

  • IMG_0212

    Loring S35 Kestrel (35 kg/75 lb roast capacity)

    The Loring S35 Kestrel reinvented how coffee roasting was done and everything you have heard about it is true. It is one bad ass machine. It has a single burner that roasts beans and incinerates smoke at the same time, plus a high-speed cooling tray which reduces cooling time while protecting beans.The Loring roast batches between 16 pounds and 75 pounds all while having up to 80% fuel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast when compared to conventional roasters. If you ever find the need roast two full bags of green coffee in an hour - the CRC has you covered.