Cold Brew Production

Cold Brew sales are exploding in Southern California and you don’t want to miss out. Just as the CRC understood the hurdles that were in the way for roasters, we also know the same ones exist for cold brew production. Thats why we are the first ever co-roastery to proudly offer a shared cold brew production facility. And it’s only available to those that roast with us. Bring in your beans, grind, steep, then can. We even offer cold storage!

Bean to Can Offering

Just show up with your roasted beans and some labels then leave with canned cold brew - branded to your shop. The crown jewel of our Bean to Can Offering is the Wild Goose Gosling canner with a Chart Nitrogen doser.

Our Bean to Can Offering includes use of the 650 lb/hr Joper industrial grinder. Use of commercial cold brew coffee makers ranging in size from 15 gallon to 50 gallon (includes up to 48 hours of steeping time). Use of the Wild Goose Gosling canner with nitrogen dosing. (Dosing with liquid N efficiently purge cans of nearly all oxygen for extended shelf life, helps preserve flavor, and gives your cans rigidity). Service also includes the 12 ounce cans and lids (amount of cans depends on which cold brew maker you rent). Finish by using our Primera AP362 Label Applicator to place your labels on your cans.

Pricing starts at $2.00/can and goes down from there.

Bean to Keg Offering

Looking to increase your cold brew production? Come in and use our steeping/production equipment to make over 100 gallons of cold brew at a time. Choose between the Brew Bomb x60 or the traditional steeping coffee maker. Once you have finished production, we will pump it into your Corny Kegs with Nitro. We even offer free, short-term cold storage for those kegs.

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